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Online cropping tool for picture or photos

Cutting or cropping pictures came from a desire to highlight certain topics (objects, people, animals, natural phenomena, etc.) that are present in the picture. Cropping creates a new image, smaller, by selecting a rectangular portion of the original image. The resulting picture resolution is lower (having a smaller number of pixels), but it’s quality remains unchanged (if the resizing is not done).

Original pictureCropped picture

The picture on the left is the original one, while the one in the right is the cropped one.

The 365 + web application offers you a cutting or cropping tool for the pictures. Upload a photo and activate the working tool 'Crop Image'. By two presses of the mouse button, your picture is cropped the way you want. The first click is to set the starting cutting point while the second click sets the stop point. A shadow appears on the original image, so you know exactly how and where you can crop. Click on the 'Apply' and then' Save image "on your computer.

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