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Special effect for pictures

Through 365 + application we provide some effects that could turn your photos into really special ones. You just have to select the effect that you think it could fit and apply to the changes. Each special effect is made so it could fit on any picture, of any size. Send photos to your Facebook friends to brag yourself!

The following effects are currently available:

  • Old picture effect: it is a special effect in great demand among designers. This effect can turn any photo into one with an outdated look:

    Old photo
  • Burned photos: is an effect that has a strong impact and that fits especially on classic pictures. It can be combined with the effect of old photos for a more pronounced result.

    Burned photo
  • Light effect : a very nice effect that can identify any photo, of any kind: people, objects, pictures, etc. It's a subtle effect, but it can attract all eyes.:

    Light effect
  • Broken glass: it’s a fun effect that can radically transform the picture. It suits especially the modern pictures:

    Broken glass
  • Water drops effect: another funny effect that fits particularly the nature subject pictures (trees, leaves, etc.):

    Water drops effect

For more specific results, try to combine these effects by Adding filters and image adjustment

Upload a picture and try now all these effects.



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